Diversity Consulting

Mei's approach to diversity consulting centers on vulnerability and communication. Many teams and systems are based on a single Eurocentric and individualistic model that does not work for the diversity of our communities today. In Mei's philosophy, a culture of growth in a team comes through the creation of a space in which the most vulnerable among them can succeed. True dedication to diversity work requires difficult conversations that challenge both teams', and individuals', belief systems. From workshops to 1:1s to team consultations, Mei is prepared to help your team build a more diverse and inclusive organization.

"I am an openly nonbinary, transgender, queer, fat person from a low income background. My personal experience as an intersectional individual shapes the way I approach inclusion work."

Mei helps redirect the conversation from 'cancel culture' and 'privilege guilt' to building empathy, connection, and transformative growth. Their specialties are in queer, transgender, disability, and international inclusion