UX Research

Mei's Research Background

Mei's expertise is in qualitative research such as user interviews, focus groups, and short-answer survey evaluation. They also has an extensive background in data analysis through Qualtrics and Excel. 

Please note that most of Mei's work is under NDA and therefore cannot be shared publicly. If you want to request access to a case study, please email them.

Mei's Research Process

Qualitative Skills

Quantitative Skills

Software Skills

Case Studies

How to Test a Champion

Mei led the design, coordination, analysis, and presentation of a 2 part character design study that spanned 2 months and hosted over 25 participants. Their mixed methods research, in combination with solution-focused reporting, gave the Champion’s team the information they needed to confirm their direction lock and continue to improve usability for players before release. 

Please note: this content is under a NDA and requires a password to view

Key Skills 

Image from Brian Dunaway.

Transforming LGBTQ+ Research Design

Mei reconstructed UCSD’s Graduate Well-Being survey to remove offensive material and better communicate with the underserved LGBTQ+ population it was originally meant to reach. Using journey maps, survey design, and primary source research, they were able to transform UCSD’s survey design and influence future research for the graduate program. 

Key Skills