UX Research

What is UX research?

User research aims to uncover the barriers or frustrations users face as they interact with products. Mei's expertise is in qualitative research such as user interviews, focus groups, and short-answer survey evaluation. Mei also has an extensive background in data analysis through Qualtrics and Excel.

Please note that most of Mei's work is under NDA and therefore cannot be shared publicly. 

Mei's Research Process

Qualitative Skills

Quantitative Skills

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Case Studies

Image from Brian Dunaway.

How to Make an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Survey

I led the revision of the University of California Office of the President's (UCOP) graduate student survey. The survey purpose was to compare the health and security of marginalized students to their peers.

My UX direction enabled UCSD to remove bias from the questions and confirm correct terminology is used in future surveys.

Key Skills 

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Designing a War Game in Space

A war game is a strategic simulation that is used to analyze the repercussions of future political decisions and planning. Players were assigned a role and a country of origin for this war game. I co-led this space race simulation's design, implementation, facilitation, and project management for 40+ international analysts over 3 months. 

My guidance in this simulation allowed players the flexibility to subvert expected outcomes and better predict future problems that policymakers may encounter.

Key Skills 

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Dating While Transgender

Dating apps are behind the curve in the inclusion of transgender and gender nonconforming (GNC) users. I led a review of popular dating app approaches to GNC users, and ranked each based on accessibility and usability. 

My UX analysis created an inclusive dating app template for future designers to reference. 

Key Skills 

Follow the Money

I led an analysis of international economic and political security to investigate potential de-escalation techniques in future United States political decision-making. Although that 2019 report is classified, some of the conclusions are relevant to today's political climate. My conclusions enable command teams to make educated judgments on the current Russian tensions with Ukraine. 

To demonstrate my contribution, this report contains relevant open-source research that I have gathered into a similar format as my original presentation.

Key Skills